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St. Paddy’s Night Run


Ran for only 3.15 miles tonight at an average 10:52 pace. Was going to do 4, but damn, I was tired before I even began running. That’s one of the problems with night runs for me – I get out of bed at 4am during the week, so by 9:30pm, when I started this run, I should have been going to bed. Now it’s nearly eleven o’clock because I got the body moving, the prana flowing, and I’m wide awake. Didn’t have any major issues with this run. Played around with the stride a little, trying to keep it short though it seemed choppy and strange – will take getting used to. This run was in shoes by the way, big annoying shoes, and although I tried to focus on striking midfoot, those damned cushioned heels seemed to get in the way.

Nice night for a run, a little cool. Ran by a TGI Fridays with a St. Pat’s tent party going on, and the band was playing a cover of the Beastie Boys’ “Fight for Your Right” – what a good song to run to! Since I never run with music in my ears, it was a nice change of pace for three blocks.

After I stopped running, I took a long forward bend to calm the nervous system down a bit, then stood up, feeling good. Clearheaded. Focused. That’s how I know it was a good run. And apparently the jalapeno poppers I had a couple hours before running didn’t have any ill effects. I’ll remember that before the Indy Mini in May.

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