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Way to Fall Behind


I’m so far behind in my training for the Indy Mini, I may just decide to walk it. And if I do that, I’ll do it barefoot. But you know what, I’ll end up running it anyway. So it will be with shoes at this point, as I haven’t given my feet enough time yet to remember what it’s like to run like a barefooted child in the summer. But I’m working on it. Summer isn’t far away now that it’s finally spring.

But back to the Mini Training: Did not run at all last week due to scheduling conflicts. This week so far, NADA. I’m waiting to run tonight, but we’ll see. Can’t just leave sleeping kids in the house alone. Not only are there probably laws against that sort of negligence, but I’m also a father with a conscience and a soul, so I would never think of doing that. Problem is with night runs, again, is that I’ll be up too late afterwards. So I’ll just sit here and nibble on a PowerBar and see what happens.

I am at the point that I think I may go insane if I can’t get outside for a run, even a short one. I forgot what a great release it can be – physically, mentally, and spiritual.

Yes, running as a spiritual practice. A post for another time.

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