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Urban Fossil Discovered


After last night’s run, I was walking a short distance home when I came upon bare footprints embedded in the concrete sidewalk. I searched for a date or a name claiming the impressions, but the streetlight on the corner down the block did not provide enough light.
Though I had no way to determine the age of this fossil, I wondered what anthroplogists a thousand years from now might think when they unearthed a slab of concrete imprinted with bare human feet.

If future scientists are able to date the slab of sidewalk, they may become confused over the footprints’ origins, already knowing that in this part of the world, at this point in history, humans never left their primitive dwellings without overly-engineered footwear. It will be an unexplainable anthropological anamoly. But that seems to be changing for many people who are discovering the benefits and sheer bliss of being barefoot.

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