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Half Marathon Heebie-Jeebies


Last week, I met with my Team In Training comrades for dinner and pre-race instructions, questions, concerns – and well wishes for those of us running the Indy Mini this coming Saturday, May 8. Nervous already concerning my lack of training for this race, talking about it with the others served to both ease my mind and at the same time increase my excitement for the event. I wasn’t sure if the feeling in my stomach was caused by anxiety, or the length of time it took for our food to arrive to the table.

As of this moment, as I’m writing this post, the Mini website’s countdown clock reads: 4 DAYS 12:33:40. Four and a half days until the gun goes off. Or the horn. Or whatever loud noisemaker officials will be using to start the race.

Every time I think of that moment, I have a mini anxiety attack. Like now. But I’m OK. I won’t vomit. I’m just surprised I’m already feeling it. Last summer I wasn’t nervous until the lineup before the 10K, my first race ever. Maybe now that I know what that feeling is like, it’s occurring early. Last year, I didn’t know what to expect.

I still don’t know what to expect. This is entirely different – more than twice the distance I’ve ever covered in a single run before. Had I been on top of my chosen training regime, I would have been up to at least 10 miles by now. I ran five miles yesterday with a 10 minute pace. And now it’s time to start tapering down – tonight, 4 miles, then 3 Tuesday, and finally two on Wednesday before two rest days prior to Saturday.

I’ll be fine. It’ll be good. I’ll finish.

And hopefully it will be my last race in full, traditional running shoes. But let’s worry about that after Saturday.

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  1. 2010/05/05 9:23 am

    Relax–you got this!

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