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Transitioning to Five Fingers: Week 1


A week ago yesterday was my first “official” run in the Vibram Five Fingers as I look forward to transitioning to running solely in them and away from traditional running shoes. I attempt to remind myself it’s going to take time, but when I’m still coming down from running my longest distance to date two weeks ago for the Indy Mini, it’s tough not feel like I should be going farther than a mile or two each run in the VFFs.

The only time that I am not barefoot or in Vibrams is the 35-40 hours during the week at work. That is an aggravating 35-40 hours for my feet, and the shoes come off on the drive home. For this reason, I assume – possibly wrongly – that it should take me as long to transition, that my feet are already well conditioned. Walking barefoot, however, isn’t the same as running.

Since last Thursday, I have only logged 5 miles in VFF, out of the four days that I actually ran. Wow. Pathetic, I say. I don’t know. Feels that way, but I’m always hard on myself. I was looking forward to running the local 10K race on June 5th in the Five Fingers, but now I’m not so confident. I’m thinking of taking my longer weekend runs in my traditional shoes, just in case, and to keep up the mileage and overall ability to do the distance.

I re-researched barefoot/minimalist running technique and also sought advice from a couple other runners who have already made the transition. One made the suggestion that it would be easier to work on form completely barefoot, and when the conditions aren’t conducive to barefoot, run in Vibrams. This makes the most sense to me now that I think about it. Having something on my feet at all makes me think I should be forcing my form instead of feeling natural, but completely bare keeps it real.

Ah, sooooo….what’s the point? A summary? Why bother, not much to summarize. I’ll just keep at it. Slowly. With a couple long shod runs in between to keep my sanity because only a mile or two doesn’t get me that bionic, king-of-the-jungle, Superman, head-full-of-helium-and-dragonflies feeling. I’m so impatient, I just crave the quick fix. I want to run a 100-miler next week because it sounds fun (but I won’t). I don’t want to just sit on my ass whining about how bored I am. I’m about to start doing that right now, the whining. It’s raining, thunderstorming even, right now, and I love running in the rain. But I’m at home with the kids until my wife gets back, and then it’s dinner, and then…and then..and then….


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  1. 2010/05/27 4:46 pm

    Which VFFs are you running in? You should definitely take it slow… I know it is painful sometimes!

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