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Water Like Glass


Water Like GlassAfter paddling hard for ten minutes with the current helping push me along, I paused, rested the double-bladed paddle in front of me, and slid through the water making only the slightest sound, the quiet burble of the kayak’s wake behind me. It was only a half hour after sunrise. The world was still drowsy. I was alone. I could hear the whisper of leaves falling from the trees, each quick contact with a branch or fellow leaf on the way down to the water’s surface a subtle remark on the nature of Nature: It’s always changing.

This early in the morning, the river’s surface was flat and reflective like glass. I could see into it, the rocks and clams and weeds as I glided over the shallows. Looking ahead toward the next bend, the world above the surface was mirrored below.

No wind. No ripples.

Peace. Perfection. Solitude.

And I was moving along, going with the flow.

Moving with the current, in life, is easier said than done. We always want to struggle against it, and we push ourselves into exhaustion – mentally, physically, emotionally – trying to fight our way upstream. Why? Upstream is the place we started, why do we risk our sanity and health trying to get back there? Why are we resistant to change, to move on?

To evolve.

To find out what lies around the next bend.

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