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Let God Be the DJ


Currently 5060 songs in my iTunes library, working on more. Set random play, and…

BRIGHT LIGHTS by Matchbox 20…makes me think of the open outdoor concert on Slayter Hill Matchbox 20 played at Purdue University. Two bands played before them – this was early in their success, shortly after “Push” was getting tons of airplay – and I didn’t stay to see Matchbox 20. I left after the reggae band from Chicago, Gizzae, was finished playing. I said to my friends, “I’m walking home. This band only has one good song, I won’t miss much.” I was stupid. I hadn’t heard any other songs aside from “Push.” After that show, Matchbox 20 continued to grow in popularity. I remember walking behind the stage on the way home and saw Rob Thomas out back standing around with someone else, though I didn’t know his name then, only “the lead singer.” I kept walking.

Some songs in the library I can’t make excuses for. Others have valid reasons for being here. But the next song…

PARANOID by the Jonas Brothers…OK. My first inclination is to blame my daughters for this one. They watched the Disney Channel too much for my liking. This video would come on between shows, and I think it’s catchy. So I downloaded it. Yes. Without being begged by the girls to get it. In fact, they didn’t know I had the song until they heard it playing in the car from my iPod. My oldest asked “Dad, why do you have this song?” I told her I got it for her. Score points with the girl and cover up a guilty pleasure at the same time. Nothing wrong with that. And the Jo Bros play their own instruments.

Some songs may have been written with some deep meaning about them, and some songs you just make up deeper meaning in your head…

WHEEL by John Mayer…this song makes me think of teaching yoga and the Buddhist Wheel of Dharma. The Wheel of Dharma because, specifically the lyric “That’s the way the this wheel keeps working now.” Dharma is endless, continuosly in motion, unstoppable. I think John was thinking of the laws of Dharma and Karma and of Channa Masala when he wrote this song. Truly. Just listen to it. Hear the chickpeas? And I think of teaching yoga because this song always popped up on the playlists I used for classes I taught way back in that past life as a yoga teacher. (I have since been reincarnated as a half-assed blogger – the similarities are as dumbfounding as Shiva Rea’s voice).

Oh Em Gee. I have to list this one because it was the next random song, selected by a Higher Power for me to write about. (sigh)


Barefoot and homeless in Haiti before the reunion tour.

COVER GIRL by New Kids on the Block…this song makes me think of Donnie Wahlberg’s ass. There I said it, whether I’m lying or not, you’ll never know (I am). Summer of 2009, I accompanied the Woman Currently Known As My Wife to a New Kids show. It was her 3rd or 4th within a year. My first ever (I swear). Now, I’m not going to lie. It was a good show. I did tire of Donnie yelling “Let’s Get This!” however, because I just could not figure out what it was that we were supposed to get. My compromised manhood feels a need to explain why this is in my iTunes library: I share the library with other members of the household. I don’t particularly like NKOTB’s early tunes; I’m partial to their most recent release.

And lastly…

OMAHA by Counting Crows…this song makes me think of walking the streets of my hometown in the rain as I contemplate my lot in life, where I’m going, where I’ve been. What I want to be. Who people think I am. How can I change? Do I want to change? And who would even notice? Do I even want anyone to notice me? Why should I care about anything? Why don’t I just get in the car and drive in any direction until I run out of gas or get stuck in the mud, whichever happens first? Somewhat inexplicably, this song also makes me think of the TV show “Friends.”

That was fun. For me. I like music. Who doesn’t? Spurs memories and erratic thoughts and behaviors. Incites riots. Provides ambiance for weddings and funerals. Makes you laugh, cry, fuck, run, spin, think, relax, fight, sleep.

Out of all 9 senses, I would not want to lose my hearing. I’d rather lose my ESP and telekinetic abilities first before I lost my hearing. True dat.

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  1. 2010/12/30 5:14 pm

    Omaha –> Counting Crows –> Adam Duritz –> [A Long December –>] Courtney Cox –> Friends.

  2. 2011/04/26 6:30 am

    i’ve had this post of yours on a google chrome tab for days now. b/c it is awesomeness personified. 😀

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