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Running (Out of Excuses)


Just….oh….ten minutes ago, I read a post on Facebook from the local late spring race (Sunburst Marathon, Half-Marathon, 10k, 5K). It was titled “Top Ten Reasons for Not Running.” Somehow, I was unable to relate to this list. And I say “somehow” because I’m endlessly find a way to convince myself not to run each day. I want to run. I know how good I feel after running. But you see, just knowing the feeling isn’t enough motivation for me. Not now, anyway. So, without further ado, here’s my own top ten reasons (excuses) for not running, in no particular order:

  1. Dude, it’s damn cold outside.
  2. It’s dark already. And it’s damn cold outside.
  3. I gained 20 pounds since I stopped running 4 months ago. (Ordinarily you’d think this would be motivating, but to me it’s hexing, knowing that slamming that extra weight into the pavement will not be pleasant.)
  4. I can’t run in my Vibram Five Fingers. Becauses it’s damn cold outside.
  5. I need more sleep. Sleep is preferable to running. Sleep, for that matter, is preferable to anything.
  6. Is that a sheet of ice on the street?!? Damn, it’s cold outside!
  7. My books on homebrewing arrived in the mail today. I need to start studying.
  8. I can’t find my hat. I need it to run or my ears will freeze because it’s damn cold outside.
  9. FEAR: I once choked on a snowflake while running and had to self-Heimlich myself in the middle of a busy intersection.
  10. The sun in not shining.

It’s quite evident that the major obstacle to my running is the weather, the damn cold winter weather. So far this year, I have been running twice, about a mile each time, in the frozen air. I was exhilarated by the movement after such a long break, but my toes were not happy, and neither was my plantar fascia, for I wore traditional super-cushioned, big-heeled running shoes hoping to simply insulate my foot better against the cold.

Spring will be here soon. That’s what I keep telling myself. But until then, I might get a run in here or there, a mile or two, but I’m not going to fool myself by trying to establish a routine or schedule when this winter slough, and sloth, is working against me. March will be a better time to re-evaluate, when my chilly excuses hopefully run out.

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