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And on the First Day, he rested.


Today is Week 1, Day 1. The beginning.

I hate sounding dramatic, but…I’m about to embark on a personal journey that will change my life.

Was that too much? Maybe, but I’ve decided to start training to run my first marathon. And that’s only the beginning. My next goal after the marathon is to complete a 50-mile ultramarathon.

BwaHAHAHA! No, really.

And so, according to several marathon training plans I’ve found online, the weeks start on Mondays, and Mondays are designated Rest Days, even the first day of the entire plan. I have decided to follow Hal Higdon’s Novice Supreme plan. Though I have run a couple 10Ks in the past and once even ran a half marathon (years ago), I consider myself a novice. Excuse me, I mean, Novice Supreme. A 30-week routine, this plan is meant to be the lightest, easiest training on the planet, maybe. Perfect.

Since I’m resting today (after a brisk 5.5-mile walk yesterday), it seems an adequate time to list some beginning stats:

Current weight: 226.2 pounds

Current height: 5’11.5″ (does running marathons change a person’s height?)

Current waist: 38″ (OK, so that’s the waist size of the pants I just bought, not MY actual waist)

Distance ran so far in 2013: 83.5 miles

Best month in 2013 so far: March (30.5 miles)

Calories gained from beer consumption in 2013: Incalculable.

See, now, that’s my big obstacle, my appreciation of good, craft beer. If I can surmount that, I can do anything. I used to run as a way to curb the calories gained from beer. I allowed myself a couple beers per mile. At least that’s what I told myself, but truth be told, the beer calories and calories burned from running never balanced out. Who can guess which way the scales tipped on that one?

Speaking of scales…I just noticed something about the weight I listed above. 226.2 pounds. That’s what the scale read this morning when I woke up and stumbled into the bathroom. 226.2. Those last three digits. It’s a sign from the gods. I am destined to do this!

But today, the first day, I rest. Tomorrow, I run.

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