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Week One Summary

Week One Routes

Week One Routes

Week One of my new job, er, training plan went very well. I ran all the distances I was meant to run on the days I was supposed to run them, even with the out-of-town wedding over the weekend. I must admit, though, the 30-minute walk I was scheduled for Sunday did not take place, as I was in the car most of the day driving from northwest Indiana back to Columbus. Missing a walk, I decided, was not as bad as missing a run. And now I’m back to Monday, rest day, though this morning I got out of bed and just stepped out the door, thinking I had a 1.5 mile run ahead, when I turned on my running app to find “Rest Day” listed for today’s workout. So back to bed I went.

Saturday was my best day. Though the distance was barely longer than Wednesday’s 3-mile jaunt, the pace improved from 10:57/mile to 10:07 Saturday. This surprised me because I went to bed Friday night, after overeating at an Italian restaurant in Chicago for the wedding  rehearsal dinner, dreading the 3 miles I’d have to run the next morning. And I woke up dreading it. But I got out there.

For first half mile, I cautiously navigated an overgrown dirt path that skirted the west side of a pond behind the hotel, and I was happy (due to my severe sensitivity to poison ivy) when I finally came out of the bush to a paved bike path which I followed most of the remainder of the run. Before getting out there, I was expecting to walk at least half the distance, but I took my time and fell into a rhythm and kept at it. Thinking back, I now attribute that successful run to my gorging on pasta, bruschetta, and calamari the night before.

I now believe in the Power of Pasta. My theories on the Power of Beer as it pertains to pre-run carb-loading have yet to be tested.

Week One Stats:

Total Distance: 9.25 miles

Total Time: 1h 3m 49s

Average Pace: 10:28/mile

Longest Run: 3.04 miles (Saturday)

Best Pace: 10:07/mile (Saturday)

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