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Week Two Summary


Week Two Stats

Total Distance: 9.39 miles

Total Time: 1h 41m 34s

Average Pace: 10:49/mile

Longest Run: 3.19 miles

Best Pace: 10:07/mile

Everything was going well last week up until the Saturday “long” run of 3.5 miles. As you can see by the stats above, I never made it that distance. I stopped short. My legs didn’t have it in them, and I’m not quite sure why. I could not force my legs to keep it up. I walked at least a mile of the 3.19 I did complete that day. I suppose there’s good days and bad days, and I didn’t curse myself for it.

I also failed to complete, once again, Sunday’s timed walk. I was scheduled for a 35 minute walk, but I kept putting it off throughout the day, and eventually, it was too late. I failed to walk the previous Sunday, as well.

I have not lost weight in the last two weeks. A pound or so up, actually. I attribute that to diet. I haven’t changed my eating habits yet, though I know I will have to. The more miles I put in, the more important diet and nutrition will become. I will need to feed my body the types of fuel that will support the running. Eating (and drinking) whatever is nearby will no longer suffice.


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