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About 2LBF

As a long-time believer that here is no better feeling than being barefoot, this 34-year-old, 5’11-1/2″, 225-pound male novice runner decides he wants to learn to run barefoot. Why??? Because if I don’t, I’ll end up quitting because running shod is such a pain, literally.

That was the original premise of this blog. It didn’t take long, however, for it to take other directions, and seemingly no direction beyond that of a personal blog covering any subject I pleased. What this is, at its most basic, is just a platform with which to write and to express opinion. In most instances, I try not  worry that I had only one view last week. I’m writing mostly to write. It’s an outlet.

This once-clumsy kid still stumbles once in a while, but don’t we all? Every day something new can be learned, often by chance, and in many instances by making mistakes. Just get up and move on.

This now concludes the obligatory ABOUT page. Thank you.

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